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Old The Game System Changed Back To D11 ! posted by Admin at 28-06-14 | Comments (6)

Game Is Working now .
The Game System Changed back To D11 !
* Normal Uniques and Normal System 
* D11 Egy A and Egy B Like Normal System 
* ALL New/Old Avatars Added 
* Elixirs ,D11 Stones Drop From Mobs 
* ALL New Pets And Scrolls , Specials ..ETC Added 
* Magic Pop Work 
*Academy Fixed and Working Like Old System
* Devil Normal and Angel For Silk ! 
* Alchemy Rate 1.5x! 
* All Uniques Auto Spawn 2-2Hour! 
*Silk System 1 Silk/hour
*Beginner Silk system By lvl up 
*Job System Changed To Give Gold Coins For Trader 
and Silver For Hunter/Thief

DooM SRO Team

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